Smart Charging

Cypress Power charging solutions include smart-charging features, which enable sharing of available capacity between chargers, and avoid excessive charges from your power provider.

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Ensure optimal charging of all electric vehicles at your location, while remaining within the limits of your charging station’s capacity.


[image_with_text image=”16536″ title=”Hub / Satellite”]Gather the data coming from all of your charging stations within a single cloud-based management platform. Network up to 20 charging stations to communicate through a single modem.[/image_with_text]
[image_with_text image=”16533″ title=”Peak Shaving”]Avoid being charged by your network provider for exceeding your maximum capacity. Peak shaving helps by automatically reducing consumption of charging sessions until enough power becomes available.[/image_with_text]

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

Open communications protocols such as OCPP and OCPI define a standard for communication between charging stations and management platforms, charging networks, and third-parties. This means that you can replace your hardware, or change your charging network if you find something you like better. Cypress Power charging solutions use OCPP, which helps you to avoid vendor lock-in.


Visit EvBox to learn why OCPP should matter to you.

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