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Products and Services


Level 2 Charging Stations

Level 2 Charging Stations

Safe, smart and simple charging solutions for EV drivers are available in various charging capacities. Cypress Power solutions include single or dual wall mount and pedestal configurations as well as stand alone or networkable units.

DC Fast Chargers

DC Fast Chargers

25-150 kW solutions for fueling stations, fleets and charging hubs to provide EV drivers with options to fast charge their vehicles. Cypress Power solutions include flexible and scalable power configurations for CHAdeMO and CCS networks.


We supply a complete range of accessories, from mounting brackets to cable management solutions.

Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy Sensors

Determine if your guests or customers are charging while parked, or simply sitting idle. Cypress power supplies occupancy sensing solutions to complete your picture of charging stall performance.
Metering Solutions

Metering Solutions

Everything you need to remotely monitor energy usage. Cypress power supplies energy meters and supporting hardware.
Gateways and Networking Solutions

Gateways and Networking Solutions

Connect your devices to the cloud. Interface with Modbus and BacNet systems. We can tailor solutions to send your data where you want it.

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SWYCHmobility is the division of Cypress Power responsible for software-related services.

We offer a variety of e-mobility software solutions. Maybe you have public charging stations and want to make them easy to find using maps. Or perhaps you want to manage your charging stations remotely, and monitor the performance of your charging stalls. Or maybe you are already using some kind of management platform, and want access to data from your charging stations. Whatever your e-mobility application, we can find a solution.

Visit SWYCHmobility or contact us for more information.

Engineering Services

We offer a full range of engineering services related to e-mobility, from design and install to maintenance and management.

Vendor Aggregation or Replacement

Replace hardware, change your charging network provider, or combine hardware from multiple vendors into a single network. Talk to us about how to make the change.

Demand and Time-Of-Use Management

Ensure that your chargers can react intelligently to changing demand in a way that respects the limits of your power system. Avoid excessive charges from your power provider. We can select appropriate hardware with smart-charging capabilities, as well as metering solutions to provide feedback on energy use.

Connection with Third-Party Platforms

View usage and energy statistics from your e-mobility devices using your favourite data analysis platform. Already use a parking-metrics platform like Smarking? We can ensure your charging stations are part of your metrics. Don't have a platform? We can help you start from scratch.

Power System Assessment, Design and Installation

Have us design and install the appropriate e-mobility solution for your power system and application.

BMS Integration

Connect your e-mobility devices to your existing Modbus or BACnet building management system. We can translate e-mobility-specific communication protocols into something your BMS can understand.

Many other e-mobility engineering services…

Talk to us today about your e-mobility project. Whether you have questions about power systems or communications and IoT, we can help.