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Join the energy revolution.

Build a sustainable and reliable local
economy to power your community.


Cypress Power

We are a Canadian engineering company that got its start in energy conservation in 2008. Today we offer end-to-end solutions to build and manage energy systems as efficiently as possible. We have a seasoned team of engineers and technicians capable of designing, deploying and maintaining systems across the country with local representatives in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and British Columbia. 

Powering your environment:

Grid Connect Sites  

We aim to support farmers, first nations groups, small businesses, and communities. We will help you to create a revenue stream and jobs from renewable energy so that you and your community can be part of the new energy economy while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

Off-Grid Remote Sites

We will provide reliable renewable energy and conservation solutions (back-up or off-grid) for remote locations. Whether it be powering telecom equipment, remote controls or monitoring systems, we provide secure energy solutions.

Smart Urban Environments

We will give you renewable energy solutions to power your smart urban society. Power electronic advertisements, smart city sensors, or Wi-Fi hotspots on kiosks and bus shelters with efficient and renewable energy.


Hybrid renewable energy systems optimised for your environment

We will propose the best combination of wind, solar and energy conservation measures for your site.

Often, the best solution is a hybrid solution! 

Sustainable energy solutions built for your unique goals

Driven by a diverse coalition of expert engineers and technicians we will design 

the best energy solution optimised for your environment, needs, and goals.

Systems we offer


Grid-connected wind and solar projects for farms, community, first nations,, commercial, institutional or industrial sites. Our solutions include working with the local power authority to ensure you have the best experience connecting your net metering.


Off-grid and custom solutions to power remote communications, controls, sensors, electric vehicle charging stations and electronic advertising.


Monitoring, analysis, and energy efficient equipment to improve energy performance.

Services we provide


Complete line of power distribution, charging and energy storage products


Performance monitoring solutions to ensure you get the most out of your investment


Complete range of assessment, design, installation, maintenance and training solutions

Our Products

Low Impact Wind Turbines

  • We have standardised low impact, vertical axis wind turbines that turn at one tenth the speed of traditional turbines. 
  • Their design results in decreased noise pollution and poses less danger to birds and wildlife
  • Our turbines use the best mechanical parts meaning low downtime and maintenance, giving you a long life solution that rivals solar power.
  • Our solutions exhibit increased output  performance when the vertical axis wind turbines are clustered together versus having individual units.

Conventional and Thin Film Solar Panels

  • Solar technology is changing rapidly.
  • Our solar products are sourced from companies offering the best combination of price and leading edge technology.
  • We use the latest in thin film solar technologies to develop solutions for the most challenging surfaces and shapes.
  • For solar grid-connected projects we use reputable Canadian suppliers and mounting systems to ensure you receive the greatest return on your investment.

Our products are sourced with the full life cycle in mind

We want you to have a hassle-free experience with our solutions. We will carefully select products that will provide you with the right combination of pricing, reliability and support, so that you can comfortably start your new energy venture.

Cloud Monitoring Solutions for Performance and Conservation

We offer the latest in open data monitoring solutions that let you see your data anytime and anywhere.

Our solutions are easy to use and let you understand how your system is performing in an instant.

Interested in learning more?

We would be eager to have a representative local to your area chat with you. 

Please contact us to find out more how our solutions can help you
with the renewable opportunities in your community.

Phone: +1.855.340.6751
Email: [email protected]

Location: 104-1058 Gibsons Way, Gibsons, BC,

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